Circus Hippo Pulling a Cart -1924
Hindenburg Disaster – May 6 1937
Advertisement for Atabrine... Anti Malaria Drug in Papua New Guinea During WWII
Illegal  Alcohol Being Poured Out During Prohibition Detroit -1929
Disneyland Employee Cafeteria -1961
Elvis in the Army -1958

Town of Ghosts

Johnny Cash: Wayfaring Stranger.
Gail Davis

Ballance is everything

4 Anna ;-]

 Photo by Mogens von Haven nitirciss denmark 1955

Mexican Revolutionary Emiliano Zapata.
Marina Abramović and Ulay - Rest Energy, 1980
Johnny Cash
Garry Winogrand - Fort Worth, Texas, 1975
Kurt Cobain
Martine Franck, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 1978
Elliott Erwitt Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1972